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Why You Should Read to Your Child at Bedtime

Children reading in bed

Want your child to be a pro reader? Bedtime stories are your best bet.

Putting your kids in bed is a daunting task, and while you’re tired and ready for some rest, there’s one more thing you should do.

Not only do bedtime stories increase literacy and numeracy skills in children, but they also foster parent-child relationships and help you create a loving and special bond with your children. While your child is drifting off to dreamland, reading to them can boost their brain development.

Here are a few benefits of a nighttime reading routine.

Fosters Stronger Relationship

There’s no better one-on-one time than reading to your child in bed. You can have some much-needed special time without distractions like housework, television, or work. The two of you can escape into a fantastical adventure together.

A daily reading routine is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and bond over something you two can be excited about together.

Nurtures Their Imagination

Reading every night is like escaping to a fantasy world through the pages of their favorite book. Children will also learn to concentrate and listen carefully to the story you’re reading, recreating the images of the description in their mind

This also helps them know that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and imagination.

Expands the Vocabulary

Establishing a bedtime reading routine from a young age helps your child expand their vocabulary. This will also make them more confident and positively influences their social skills as well.

Children will feel more confident speaking up at home and in the classroom, making them shine.

Helps Them Learn Valuable Lessons

Most children’s stories have earnest and amazing morals at the end. Each story has a different message that your children can learn and apply in their lives.

Each night you’re reading together, you can introduce your child to various values like honesty, sharing, helping others, and the difference between right and wrong. As children can easily connect and relate to these characters, they will retain these valuable lessons for life.

Children reading in bed

Promotes Healthy Sleeping Patterns

For many children, falling asleep can be a difficult task.

Young children are hyper and super energetic, which makes bedtime a potentially difficult task for parents. A story each night can help them associate reading with bedtime and settle them into a routine.

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