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Why Reading Before Bedtime Is A Good Bonding Activity

A man reading a book to his daughter in bed

The best gift a parent can give to their child is imparting the love for reading. Many researchers and pediatrics highly recommend parents start reading to their children – from birth to kindergarten.

Reading children storybooks to your kids helps them develop enhanced cognitive skills, fluency in languages, a head-start in their academic lives, and you make fond memories. Here are some reasons why reading bedtime stories to your children is a wonderful bonding activity.

Making Cozy Memories

Many of us can recall the time when our parents snuggled with us in bed and read us fantastical tales of princes and kings. Sharing that cozy time of the night with your child helps them feel more secure and closer to you. Your emotional bonds with the child will deepen as you read them stories. These memorable moments stay with us throughout our lives, so it is important to share them with your children as well.

Emotional Security

All children need nurturing – whether it’s physical or emotional. Children are highly sensitive and need to learn to trust their parents. Reading to your children at bedtime allows you to connect with them. This time can form a secure attachment with them which will later form the basis of your future relationships. A secure attachment with the parent also affects the child’s sense of worth, ability to deal with predicaments, and mental agility.

Dr. Tami De Coteau, a licensed clinical psychologist, mentions a critical developmental period of the attachment regions of a child’s brain. If not stimulated properly, all the other brain regions are affected negatively throughout the child’s life.

Relax and Unwind

The moment of settling in bed to read sleepily to your little one promotes relaxation. This time of the night, when there are no emails, phone calls, or work obligations keeping you away, you can relax and unwind and leave the day behind. Reading a magical story also helps us heal our inner child and can be very therapeutic.

The Cat, The Fish, and The Waiter storybook.

Read The Sweetest Cat and Fish Story By Marianna Bergues

It is important to find the right kind of literature for our children as a parent. Finding high-quality and affordable kids’ storybooks is very difficult these days. This is why we bring you a wholesome story about a cat and the fish called The Cat, The Fish, and The Waiter! Written by Marianna Bergues. This book is inspired by the stories her father told her when she was a child. Get audiobooks and multilingual storybooks with captivating illustrations and teach your children Tamil and English today. Visit our website to order children’s storybooks online or contact us to learn more about our books on emotional triggers.