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The Advantages of Reading and Listening Simultaneously for Children

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The e-book and hard copies debate is a tale as old as time, or well, a tale as old as the day e-books were invented. And since no one seems to reach a conclusive decision on what is better, we’re going to propose an even better debate; can you read while simultaneously listening to audiobooks?


The question helps many opinions arise. But many argue that reading while listening to audiobooks can be really helpful, especially for children. Not sure how? Well, here are three compelling reasons why the two are a perfect match for each other!

It Enriches Their Imagination

Children’s audiobook readers know exactly how to make the story sound more captivating to their audience. If you find your child often struggling to get through a chapter or fidgeting around, then an audiobook might help them feel more in tune with the story.


While listening to an audiobook, the dramatic reading of different scenarios and characters will help them visualize the story more. While reading alone can do it too, for children, the extra help from an auditory outlet can be the boost they need to feel more interested in the story they’re reading. The variations in pitch, loudness, and pauses will evoke more emotion and even help them learn how storytelling is done!

Improves Comprehension And Vocabulary

When a child is left alone to do their reading, they might come across difficult words or pronunciations they can’t fully grasp. When struggling, they might gloss over the word entirely or mispronounce it. This is a problem that can easily be resolved with an accompanying audiobook. The audio cue will help them understand how the words are pronounced, which makes it easier for them to use them in their day-to-day life.


Another issue children face is unfamiliar words. That makes understanding parts of the story difficult. However, with audiobooks, they better understand how a word is used and the sound associated with it. These hints help them better understand the linguistic capabilities of a word and also infer its meaning.

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Faster Reading Speed

The less accustomed a child is to reading, the more they struggle with their reading speed. That’s why it’s encouraged to give them a reading activity on a regular basis to brush up on their reading speed.


With the help of audiobooks, your child gets further assistance that can help them be familiarized with words at a faster pace. The combination of reading while hearing the story makes it easier to comprehend words at a much faster rate.


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