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Should Your Child Learn Through Audiobooks?

A kid listening to an online audiobook

A book is to read, not listen. Many people hold the misconception that audiobooks are making their children quit reading. However, the truth is that audiobooks can entice your kids to read more and learn quicker. Let’s explore how in this blog.


1.    Audiobooks are Fun

girl listening to a children’s book

Kids love to listen to stories. And audiobooks give them just that. Because of this, children find audiobooks way more fun than plain old paperbacks. How does this help educate them, you may ask? This way, the children end up learning more, reading and listening to more books. The knowledge they’re getting from audiobooks increases.


2.    They Allow Your Child to Learn Better


Why do we encourage the habit of reading in kids? To help them learn better and faster. When kids read, they get to learn about different cultures, people, facts, and whatnot. They also get to know new words and learn how to use them in sentences.

When learning through reading, these new words can be cumbersome to pronounce and read. When children are unable to understand and pronounce such words, they start losing interest. Audiobooks help with this. Not only are they fun to listen to, since the narrator is pronouncing each word, your child can also imitate and learn.


3.    They Offer a Multi-Sensory Experience


With audiobooks, you’re reading along with listening. This provides your child a multi-sensory experience, helping them learn faster as they’re putting two of their senses to absorb the same information. Whether it’s a storybook or a science encyclopedia, your kid’s listening and reading the same thing, in turn retaining it better and for a longer period of time.


4.    They Do NOT Make Your Child Lazy


Let’s talk about this baseless misconception, shall we? According to research in the UK, listening to audiobooks isn’t a hack or doesn’t qualify as cheating. Instead, they require the same level of cognitive skills as reading a printed or online book.

Audiobooks have also encouraged struggling readers to learn more because of the benefits we discussed above. Hence, these books don’t hinder your kid’s reading capacity; instead, they promote the habit of reading in them.


5.    Audiobooks Provide Flexibility

Should Your Child Learn Through Audiobooks?

Gone are the days where you had to carry your hardcover books everywhere. With the increasing accessibility of audiobooks, your child can now learn in the car, at home, on vacation – practically anywhere. As a parent, you too can enjoy listening to the book with the children. You don’t have to read them a bedtime story anymore. You can just relax with your child as you listen to the narrator telling the story.


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