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Reseña del libro The Cat, the Fish and the Waiter (ESP)

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Título: The Cat, the Fish and the Waiter.

Author: Marianna Bergues.

Ilustrador: Christian Bergues.

Editorial: Xlibris US.

Year of publication:  2016

Number of pages: 70 pages.

Aprender idiomas leyendo The Cat, the Fish and the Waiter

The book “The Cat,  the Fish and the Waiter” written by Marianna Bergues offers an incredible experience to its readers,  leading them through a multi-language story full of nuances and adventures. It was made so that children could have a friendly approach to different cultures and to learning new languages. By presenting the text with fun illustrations made by Christian Bergues, it immerses the reader in an entertaining plot that allows them to develop and implement their foreign language comprehension skills.

Kids will quickly learn languages with this unique story

The story revolves around a waiter from the city of Paris named Peter. The protagonist of “The Cat,  the Fish, and the Waiter” dives into an adventure after his friends’ pets suddenly disappear. Peter, who offered to take care of them, must now try to get them back before his friends return from their vacation. Our waiter gives us a tour of the lovely French city while searching for the cat and exotic orange fish.

As we read we become familiar with the vocabulary of a new language and even if you have no knowledge beforehand  you begin to understand more and more what they mean. This is an excellent way for Spanish speakers to to get into French and English, as each paragraph is written in the three languages. Also, if you already have a knowledge base, you will be able to delve into the story’s nuances and its pleasant moments.

Throughout this book, you will be pleasantly surprised by the book’s illustrations and their depictions of the animals and the everyday moments of the waiter. A lot of hard work went into giving children an atmosphere that would allow them to learn new languages in a fun, entertaining way. The book is accompanied by an audio narration that helps synchronize reading with listening comprehension.

“The Cat, the Fish, and the Waiter” is an ideal environment for learning new vocabulary. With auditory support, it creates ideal conditions for knowledge to be better gained and retained. It has been shown that the best way to learn languages is through practical use, in this way our brain processes structures better and everything we see is retained efficiently. Presenting it through storytelling keeps students attentive, which is indispensable for the apprehension of any form of knowledge.

More than just a book, “The Cat, The Fish, and the Waiter” is a complete experience. If you have children and are interested in learning languages, this is an effective way to help them. It has everything to pique any child’s interest and natural curiosity: an exciting story with striking illustrations, cultural diversity, variations in fifteen different languages, and an audio accompaniment. We invite you to acquire the book and live a multicultural experience from which you will emerge intellectually nourished.


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