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Learning Through Pictures: Here’s Why Picture Books Are Perfect for Your Toddler


Remember when you would spend hours just gawking at the illustrations in your favorite book? Didn’t we all love that? What we didn’t realize back then was that these pictures were helping us read and understand comprehension; they piqued our interest. Let’s see how.


Picture Books Make the Kid Want to Read More


You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but kids do. These pictures tell them a story they’re willing to hear. Picture books grab your child’s attention for longer periods; they’re fun and engaging while also being informative. You would often hear from your children that they want to read the same book again. This is a sign that your child is interested in reading and is developing a habit. They would even go out and want to buy more such books.


They Improve Language Skills


We just talked about how kids want to read the same picture books again and again because they’re so interesting. Research suggests that re-reading multiple times increases a child’s vocabulary by 12%. When reading in a classroom setting, the experience becomes even more enjoyable as kids read aloud after their teacher. The teacher also breaks down difficult words, which helps in understanding the plot of the book better.


They Promote Visual Thinking

A child reading a book with images

All these images in a book are visual cues for you and your kid to infer. These cues help your child in two ways. Firstly, they aid in understanding the story better. Images can help create a sequence in mind, promoting a mental image of what’s going to happen next. Sometimes reading and comprehending phrases can be difficult, especially if you’re a young child still learning the process. In these times, your child will use images to recognize the cues and interpret them to develop the plot of the story.

Another way these pictures are beneficial is that they help the child remember the story better. When they’re narrating it to you or someone else, they would remember the images and connect them to recreate the story.


They Increase Your Child’s Comprehension

Learning Through Pictures: Here’s Why Picture Books Are Perfect for Your Toddler

Reading isn’t just about learning new words and remembering the story. There’s more depth to the art. Reading also helps children understand sentence construction, learn about character development, and understand social cues. While a book filled with text aids in all of these, a picture book expedites the process. Some images show you facial expressions and context clues that plain text fails to capture. This way, picture books help your kid develop comprehension better and sooner.


Buy Online Storybooks for Kids


Did you know that picture books hold such importance that November is the National Picture Book Month in the United States? So, if you want to encourage the habit of reading in your little one, check out Cat Fish Water. We have multilingual storybooks for kids that are available in hardcover as well as online story CDs. So, contact us today and order a copy for your kid.

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