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Learning in Lockdown: 4 Activities to Keep Your Child Engaged

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Parents have complained about how the lockdown has affected their children. Online learning doesn’t provide the same learning experience as in-class and the children can’t go to parks or their friends’ homes anymore. Not only are children bored almost all the time, but they are also unable to learn effectively.

We know this age is crucial for your kids. Their brains are developing; they’re observing, interacting, and learning. Keeping this in mind, we’ve carefully created a list of fun activities for your children that would help them grow and learn at home.


1.    Learn with Legos

A child playing with Lego

Confession time: we still love stacking Lego blocks together to create our favorite shapes. And so must your kids. Legos are a fun way to pass your and your child’s time. But they’re also sneakily teaching our kids basic science about stacking and balance. They enhance your child’s creativity, provoking them to think outside of the box. Along with that, playing with Legos help in a child’s mental development by improving skills such as finger dexterity. Lastly, they can also help in reducing your kid’s anxiety and improving their concentration.


2.    Family Game Nights


These are a fun way not only to enjoy and learn but also to have intimate family time. We hear the word game and only think of recreation. That isn’t true. Playing interesting games can help build your child’s cognitive as well as physical strength. Depending on your kid’s age, you could play I Spy, Jenga, Sequence, Dungeons and Dragons, UNO, any other similar game. Additionally, these games provide you and your kids time off-screen, which is good for your eyes and mind.


3.    Reading Books

Learning in Lockdown: 4 Activities to Keep Your Child Engaged

Reading can be fun if done the right way. Usually, kids lose interest in the activity when they’re bombarded by the text they find difficult to understand. You could start by giving children storybooks with illustrations to read so that it’s easier for them to understand. Today, many books have their audiobook versions available that provide kids a multi-sensory experience, assisting them in learning better. Through an audiobook, they can learn to pronounce new words and also retain the story better. When they find an activity like reading easy and enjoyable, they would want to indulge in it more often. This instills the habit of reading as they grow.


4.    Learning a New Language


Research suggests that multilingual kids are brighter and more tolerant towards other ethnic people. If your ethnic background belongs to France or Italy or some other country, this is your opportunity to bring your kid closer to your roots. This could be done by teaching them basic words and expressions in your language. You could also use the Cat Fish and Waiter book, which is a multilingual short storybook.


Buy Multilingual Story Books for Kids


So, if you want your kid to nurture even in these unfortunate circumstances, you could start by following the above tips. Get your child a copy of the Cat, the Fish, and the Waiter. This is an interesting children’s book filled with illustrations. You can get it in hardcover or buy the kid’s story CD online.

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