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"Encouraging Your Kids To Dream Big"

You are going to learn 3 languages in one book


How do I spend time with my kids at home?

How To Raise A Reader

Many mothers may be confused with their children now that they’ve been stuck at home, and especially with the ones that might be a bit of a hand full.

A mother may not be able to control her children or fill every moment of their time with useful activities that nourish their mind in a fun way. In this article we will review ways and tips to make it a little easier to help your children learn at home.

How do I spend time with my kids at home?

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Ideas for mothers and fathers

  • Building confidence in your child’s ability to trust himself in his abilities.

Many mothers unintentionally cause psychological problems related to self-confidence in their children. This is often because they unknowingly reprimand their children too harshly for simple mistakes. You should know that a child’s mistakes are actually unintentional and due to their lack of experience. In correcting them without too harshly reprimanding them you can teach them its ok to make mistakes, and give them the confidence to try.


  • Not mentioning past child mistakes

Similarly, when a child makes a mistake its important not to hyper-focus on the child’s past mistakes by bringing them up in excess. These actions can psychologically weaken the child and make them unsure of themselves as they grow up.


  • Building their language skills by talking, singing and reading with your baby.

Spending time with your child and being a part of their learning, and growing is important! You can read and tell stories to your children, or sing fun, easy songs that they can understand. This will build your relationship with your child and their learning.


  • Bringing together your family.

Introducing your children to their extended family can be very rewarding, and helpful to a child’s growth. Spending time with aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins can connect a child to their roots, and help them understand who they are!


  • Always remind your children’s of their achievements, even if they are simple, such as pronouncing a difficult word correctly, or memorizing a song or verses of poetry. You should also involve your children in talking and expressing opinions —whatever they think, you have to respect them  — and not make fun of their simple opinions.


What can you do with your kids at home?

We’ve mentioned a lot of things before that you can do with your kids at home or just generally, such as encouraging, singing, talking, and connecting with them. But in this part, I would like to highlight the importance of reading stories to children, and how important they really are.

Some may think that just reading in front of a child develops his mind, but the quality of the story is what’s really important! Stories can develop your child’s mind and intelligence, by getting them to track the events of the story and remember details. Your child will learn words and develop his language skills from the songs, stories and conversations you share with them, but especially that of the stories they hear.

Reading to your child in other languages such as English and French is one way to both build their on their existing language skills, while teaching them a new one. This introduces them to new cultures and vocabulary they could never imagine. Reading stories in different languages makes it easy for both adults and kids as it has the benefits of regular reading, but with the addition of new language skills so adults can multitask for their children.


As you can see, Bilingual books are a great source, because they prepare children for their future. If you speak a language other than English at home, reading bilingual books can also help  your child learn english!

The book “The Cat, The Fish and the Waiter”


“The Cat, The Fish, and the Waiter,” is a simple book that tells the story of a simple French waiter who was left in charge of a cat and a fish by his friends but loses them in the city of Paris. This story follows him trying to find the pets, but more importantly through it’s function it covers all of the tips we spoke of previously!

Each paragraph in this interesting book is written in Arabic, English and French, so that you and your child can read in multiple languages at once, and learn them in a simplified way. The book has won the admiration of millions around the world, so much so that it has been translated into many languages and sold in different countries of the world. We advise you to buy, read and learn with ease in your homes.