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How Being Multilingual Can Help Your Children

A boy writing in a notebook.

Children have flexible brains that can retain a lot of knowledge that we as adults would find overwhelming. Reportedly, 27% of children in the US under the age of six are learning other languages than English. Learning different languages enables our children to develop faster, have better concentration, and become better equipped for their academic lives ahead. If you’re still unsure about buying multilingual storybooks for your children to teach them different languages, think no more!

Here’s how being multilingual can benefit your child.

Enhanced Literacy Skills

When children are exposed to more than one language, they develop more enhanced literacy skills. Their reading and writing in English also improve significantly along with the second language.

Promoting Brain Development

In a 2011 study, psychologists Ellen Bialystok and Michelle Martin Rhee figured out that bilingual children were much better at performing mentally-demanding tasks than monolingual children. Learning more languages promotes the growth of the brain’s command center and enhances the problem-solving skills in children. Multilingual children are more mentally alert and agile.

Sharpening their Concentration

Most children have short attention spans. But encouraging them to learn languages positively impacts their ability to concentrate and improves their focus. When your child switches between different languages, they will have to pause and concentrate, suppressing any other distractions.

Creative and Inquisitive Minds

Teaching children different languages makes them more inquisitive, enabling them to hypothesize and think like a little scientist. When their brains are decoding and translating more than one language, they become linguistic experts and find it easier to develop their own explanations.

boy-doing-homeworkGirl writing in a notebook.

Better Fluency

When your little one can understand different languages, they develop a more advanced level lexicon and are at an advantage compared to their peers in class. Multilingual kids have a better vocabulary, reading skills, and fluency.

Enhanced Memory

Little children learning different languages at once are continuously exercising their brains and developing a more enhanced memory. This will help them achieve better grades, succeed in school, and retain a lot of information at once!

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