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How Audiovisuals Can Help Your Child Learn Better

child listening to an audiobook

As children progress in school, it quickly becomes apparent that they have their way of learning and interacting with their surroundings. Some might find any excuse to escape homework and go play outside while some might prefer to curl up with a storybook. One child may spend their time elbow deep in finger paints, brushes, and canvas, while one child might find it fascinating to pull apart objects and see how the internal parts work.

In the 1980s, Howard Gardner, an educational researcher, and developmental psychologist verified that children learn in different ways. This is something parents can intuitively realize with their children. Gardner learned that all the individuals in the group can be equally intelligent, but a lesson that works for some might not work for all. Therefore, teaching styles like Montessori and International Baccalaureate programs are successful in helping your child learn through kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning styles.

If your child is an auditory learner, they might prefer you read aloud to them or listen to audiobooks. Here are how audiovisual books can help your child learn better:

father reading aloud interesting storybook for kids

Spellings for Better Learning

You can encourage your child to say things out loud like a spelling bee. Work on their spellings verbally instead of written. You can help them practice reading through audiovisual aid books like Cat Fish Waiter. This is s multilingual book with audiovisual aids that can help your child learn faster by listening and reading at the same time. And with this book they might be able to learn a few words in a foreign language.

Audio Lessons for Better Memory

If your child has a lesson to memorize for an exam, encourage them to read the lesson aloud and record their voice. After they’re done, encourage them to listen to their lesson while scanning the text. This will help them memorize the information better and quicker due to their auditory learning abilities.

Enhance Cognitive Skills through Conversation

When you think your child is stuck on reading comprehension, start a conversation about it. Ask them questions and let them work through the logic of the text and tell you all about it. They will be able to join their knowledge base and work through the underlying meanings in the text as the author implied.

Mnemonics and Songs

Learning aids like mnemonics can be helpful for any young learner. Constructing a song about a difficult topic can help your child memorize the lesson better. Because auditory learners are intrigued by language patterns and wordplay, storybooks with audiovisual aids, audiobooks, and CDs can give your little one the joy of imagination and wordplay.

The more you know about your child’s learning style, the more you will be helping them learn better. At Cat Fish Waiter you can find an online bookstore for children’s storybooks. We have a multilingual storybook for kids in three languages and with audiovisuals that can help your child’s excellent comprehension skills. Place an order with us on our website for more information.