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Here’s the Perfect Summer Reading List for Your Child

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What do Dr. Seuss, Peppa Pig, and Hermione Granger have in common? No matter how different their worlds are, they all like to read. Now your child can also be included in this list of avid readers. But for that, they need to start reading not only for school but also as a fun activity. We’ve got the perfect summer reading list for your kid that would encourage your child to read more.


1.    The Famous Five


A classic series of twenty-two books! We all grew up reading these, and we all had a favorite character too. Pass on these fun-filled books to your kids. Let them embark on adventures with Dick, Anne, Julian, George, and Timmy, the dog. If your children are a little too young to read the books themselves, you could read these to them. They would still be enjoying the stories and getting to know new words and phrases.


2.    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Your child may already be familiar with the movie and know all about Willy Wonka’s wonderland. But reading a book provides a different experience. Because the children already love the movie, they would be more interested in reading the book. They might want to read it over and over again because of how fun it is. This reading and re-reading will improve your kid’s vocabulary.


3.    The Elves and the Shoemaker

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Back to classics! This story is fun for young children; it’s easy to read and has multiple illustrations. All these things help your child learn better and read more. But The Elves and the Shoemaker also has a wholesome takeaway. It teaches the children about helping each other. You could also explore other similar books such as Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Three Billy Goats Gruff, and others.


4.    Comic Books


Have a child who just abhors reading? Start reading them comic books. Parents usually dismiss comic books, not considering them as proper reading. This may hold true, but if your kid doesn’t read at all, comic books would definitely interest them, and they would start getting fond of reading. You could get them superhero comic books or anime comics, or wherever their interest lies.


5.    The Cat, The Fish, and The Waiter

Here’s the Perfect Summer Reading List for Your Child

This story is interesting, a classic, and comes in multiple languages. It’s essentially an adaptation of a French bedtime story. It’s a multilingual book for kids that encourages your child to learn English or any other language you want. The story revolves around a French man losing his two pets. Marianna Bergues, the author, has given the story a satisfying ending which makes the book exciting for kids to read.


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