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"Encouraging Your Kids To Dream Big"

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Encouraging Literacy with Multilingual Books

A child reading a book
Multilingual books are an excellent resource that can parents can use to enhance the literacy skills of children. Educators and parents can use multilingual books that include the child’s native language to help bridge the gap between different languages and make space for parent involvement in children’s learning process.

Today, we’ll discuss how parents and educators can use multilingual books to promote the development of the mother tongue in children and increase their literacy level.

Home Language Development Is Very Important in Children

Research has shown that parents and educators need to support a child’s development in their home language. The development of mother tongue is directly linked to children’s academic performance, even in instances when the child’s native language at home is not the same language that is spoken at school.

Studies have shown that parents who sit and read with their child in their native tongue help them become more comfortable in their self-identity and self-expression. Parent involvement is also linked to children performing better at school.

Children Stay Engaged and Focused with Multilingual Books

Apart from enhancing literacy in children, multilingual books are also beneficial for increasing a child’s attention span and ensuring they remain focused and attentive during the reading session.

Since multilingual books offer children a chance to read and understand the story in their native tongue, children are more engaged with the material and follow along with the story. Parents should read to their children and ask questions and discuss the plot with their kids to increase their kid’s concentration and absorption levels.
A girl reading a book.

Multilingual Books Allow Children to Learn More Than One Language

Children’s minds are like a sponge at a young age, and they can quickly and easily absorb an abundance of information. Research has shown that it’s easier for children to learn more languages when they’re exposed to them in their childhood and adolescent years.

Reading multilingual books with children increases their literacy in different languages and allows them to become bilingual and multilingual speakers of different languages. Children who speak more than one language can communicate better, have a vast vocabulary, and are more confident.

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