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"Encouraging Your Kids To Dream Big"

You are going to learn 3 languages in one book



Mother and her child reading a book together.

4 Reasons You Should Read To Your Young One

Did you know that reading to your children is important for their brain development? Reading is one of those hobbies that enhances the child’s communication skills, expands their vocabulary, and teaches them pre-literacy skills.

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child listening to an audiobook

How Audiovisuals Can Help Your Child Learn Better

As children progress in school, it quickly becomes apparent that they have their way of learning and interacting with their surroundings. Some might find any excuse to escape homework and go play outside while some might prefer to curl up with a storybook. One child

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boy reading a children storybook

3 Ways To Encourage Your Kid To Read More

In a tech-savvy world where our children are glued to their device’s screen, reading has taken a backseat. According to research, an excellent child reader has more confidence and higher levels of self-esteem and is much better at handling the transition from ‘learning how to

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a family sitting on the floor reading a book

Family Time! Easy Tips to Learn a Language as a Family

Family first. All other people in your life can come and go but the people who’re always connected to you, no matter what, are your family members. While there are many things because of which your relationship with your family members can be negatively affected,

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boy holding a book

The Top Foreign Languages to Learn in 2022

Regardless of what career your child will pursue in their professional career, learning different languages is extremely important. Multilingual people get more career growth and development opportunities as compared to other people. Whether you want your child to become an engineer or doctor or just

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boy in gray jacket reading book

Benefits of Reading Books: Why You Should Read Every Day

While we all love reading books; honestly speaking, reading books every day can be extremely challenging at times. We’ve pretty busy schedules these days and after a hectic day at work, scrolling through your Facebook feed sounds much easier than poking your head in a

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a child studying while her mother helps

How To Promote Learning In A Post-COVID World?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown family life into disarray. With schools being closed and people working from home,  it has become very difficult for parents to keep up with their kids’ education. While the situation is getting a bit better, there’s still a lot for parents to deal

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Encourage children to read multilingual books

Learn Spanish with Kids: How to Start at Home

Learning a second language is important for many reasons, from being able to communicate with people who speak that language to the fact that it helps improve intelligence. We have chosen Spanish as the second language to learn for this blog. To make learning Spanish

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