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Unassembled jigsaw puzzle pieces

3 Surprising Benefits of Your Kids Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

In a time where everyone is increasingly gravitating towards phone and tablet use, tools like jigsaw puzzles offer you and your children a much-needed respite from excessive screen time. The jigsaw puzzle board is more than just a kids’ toy. Not only is it not

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Jigsaw puzzle pieces

The History of Jigsaw Puzzles

People may think otherwise, but completing jigsaw puzzles is a hobby that’s truly not bound by age. You, a grownup, and your child both can enjoy the process of doing a puzzle. After all, who doesn’t appreciate the satisfaction that comes from successfully fitting together

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A book in Japanese

Benefits of Studying East Asian Languages

East Asian cultures aren’t a monolith, but they share unique geographical and historical features that set them apart from the rest of the world. The region of East Asia, which spans countries like Taiwan, Mongolia, Japan, China, and a few more, is attributed as the

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A boy writing in a notebook.

How Being Multilingual Can Help Your Children

Children have flexible brains that can retain a lot of knowledge that we as adults would find overwhelming. Reportedly, 27% of children in the US under the age of six are learning other languages than English. Learning different languages enables our children to develop faster, have

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A man reading a book to his daughter in bed

Why Reading Before Bedtime Is A Good Bonding Activity

The best gift a parent can give to their child is imparting the love for reading. Many researchers and pediatrics highly recommend parents start reading to their children – from birth to kindergarten. Reading children storybooks to your kids helps them develop enhanced cognitive skills, fluency in

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Mother and her child reading a book together.

4 Reasons You Should Read To Your Young One

Did you know that reading to your children is important for their brain development? Reading is one of those hobbies that enhances the child’s communication skills, expands their vocabulary, and teaches them pre-literacy skills.

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child listening to an audiobook

How Audiovisuals Can Help Your Child Learn Better

As children progress in school, it quickly becomes apparent that they have their way of learning and interacting with their surroundings. Some might find any excuse to escape homework and go play outside while some might prefer to curl up with a storybook. One child

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boy reading a children storybook

3 Ways To Encourage Your Kid To Read More

In a tech-savvy world where our children are glued to their device’s screen, reading has taken a backseat. According to research, an excellent child reader has more confidence and higher levels of self-esteem and is much better at handling the transition from ‘learning how to

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