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"Encouraging Your Kids To Dream Big"

You are going to learn 3 languages in one book

Biography Old

Biography Old

encouraging your kids to dream big „

-Marianna Bergues

Biography Old

I grew up in Narberth, Pennsylvania, where my mother homeschooled me until 11th grade. Because of this, I had plenty of time (after I finished my schoolwork) to read as many books as possible, learn to love literature, and even create my own stories in my head. However, one of my favorite stories was one that my Father would tell me about a friend he had in France who had somehow managed to lose two pets in one day. I loved this story but hated the ending.

The two animals, a cat and a fish, were never found in his version. Being eight and knowing better, I decided to change the ending and wrote my own version with a much more satisfactory conclusion. Later, after I graduated from Lower Merion High school, my mother dug up my old unedited version of my Father's story, and insisted we publish it. Through her hard work, genius, and persistence, the book was self-published and printed in three separate languages on each page. Because of our family's international background, her being from Uganda and my Father from France, she knew the importance of language learning and saw an opportunity to teach the world.

By the time I had graduated from Bryn Mawr College with an English Degree, the book was available in 15 different languages and had accompanying audiobooks. Since then, my family and I have worked to bring the world this book through social media, this website, and word of mouth. Thank you for reading my book and visiting our website! I hope you enjoy what you find and that you keep on reading, writing, and learning.