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Benefits of Reading Books: Why You Should Read Every Day

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While we all love reading books; honestly speaking, reading books every day can be extremely challenging at times. We’ve pretty busy schedules these days and after a hectic day at work, scrolling through your Facebook feed sounds much easier than poking your head in a book, right?

However, all you read throughout the day are some tweets, text messages, or social media posts, so you’re surely missing out on something really important.

Strengthen Your Mind

Using MRI scans, several researchers have found out that reading involves a complex network of signals in the brain. When a child or an adult reads daily their reading ability matures, as a result of which their brain’s internal network becomes stronger.

In another study, researchers analyzed the functional MRI scans to evaluate the impact of reading a novel “Pompeii” over the brain for 9 days. The research showed that as the story approached the climax, more and more areas of the brain were stimulated and lit up with activity.

Improve Focus

Do you struggle to pay attention to something over a long time? Whether you need to stay well and healthy in your personal life or you want to succeed in your professional life, you need to develop the ability to be attentive, concentrate and focus for long periods.

According to Cal Newport, the author of Deep Work, to become a ‘’high-value’’ person in your economy, you should become a master at the art of learning complex and complicated things; fast and quick. For that, you need to do deep work.

So, what’s deep work?

Deep work is basically your ability to focus on a certain cognitively demanding task, without getting distracted. Deep work helps you perform better at everything you do and gives you a sense of fulfillment when you accomplish a certain task.

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