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5 Ways to Make Reading Time More Interesting

Reading a book with a child

Many children encounter reading challenges, especially when they miss functional skills or are reluctant to sit down with a book for longer durations.

Reading time for children can be made more interesting if you read out loud with joy and excitement. When reading is a pleasurable experience, children feel more connected to the story.

Even if your child is a reluctant reader, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn to enjoy it. Here’s what you can do to make the most of your reading time.

Picking the Right Books

Picking the right books is the first step to ensure that your child enjoys reading. Ask them what kind of stories they like. Enlist these books in categories such as adventure, fantasy, and more. This helps children choose what they want to read next.

Find books on the subject that stimulate your child’s interest and let them know you care about what they prefer.

Reading Aloud

Reading aloud can make book reading more exciting. You can also use different voices for every character and a dramatic voice for certain parts. Take turns when reading aloud together and choose a character each reader will provide a voice for.

Acting Out the Story

To bring some extra excitement to your reading session, help your child use their imagination. You draw pictures to create a vision of what they’re reading. Act out some scenes by setting up a character puppet show to build drama and suspense. Ask your child to come up with an alternate ending to help them improve their creative skills and ideas.

Incorporating Different Forms of Reading

Reading doesn’t necessarily mean picking up a book. Several other reading materials such as newspapers, magazines, and graphic novels can reduce your child’s reading stress. They can still help your child practice reading and improve their reading skills.

Creating a Reading Space

Creating a separate reading space for your child is a way to make them understand that reading time is important. Instead of allotting a whole room, you can set a small space that has the right environment for reading. As a result, it will help prevent any distractions and let them focus more on building literacy skills, improving sentence composition, punctuation, and grammar.

Reading a book with a child

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