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4 Ways How a Reading Habit Can Help Your Child Do Better In School

Father reading a children’s storybookto his daughter

Children of all ages love a good story. In fact, as humans are adept at telling stories that help us reminisce about history and tell us about the past. We all desperately want our children to succeed in their educationso that they can become better people and learned individuals.

One way to accomplish that is to work on their knowledge, encourage curiosity and reading, and polish their comprehension skills. According to Howard Gardner, each child has a systematic way of learning. Some do better with audio-based learning, some with visual stimulation, while some require both. Parents may intuitively know how to help their children learn betterbecause they observe firsthand their learning response based on exposition to knowledge through storybook reading or listening.

That is why inculcating a reading habit is important. It can help a child not only do better at school but at every educational tier and in life. Here are some ways a reading a habit can help your child do better at school.

A girl reading a book

Helps to Increase Vocabulary

Reading storybooks for kids can expose your child to a new set of words and sounds. When you read aloud, the listening child picks up the pronunciation and various sounds that can help them assist in memorization. That way your child can perform better with spelling at school and read better in the classroom.

Help to Increase Attention Span

In this world of gadgets and devices, children’s attention spans have been greatly affected. Reading improves attention span as it requires dedication and focus. Children have to spend time and effort on the book, as compared to the overstimulation they receive from watching cartoons and playing online games. Reading can significantly help improve their attention and focus in the classroom as they try to absorb the information.

Helps in School

A child reader can adapt and perform better at school. When they start doing their homework, reading aloud from textbooks, and copying down notes, they immerse themselves in the same process of reading that they usually do as a pastime. By getting used to reading, you can help your child with their comprehension skills that can lead to better grades in school.

Helps to Trigger Curiosity

Reading simultaneously triggersthe curiosity to find out what happens next. They spend effort going page by page to get to the end. This can also translate well in their school life. That curiosity can help them learn better and pursue knowledge.

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