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"Encouraging Your Kids To Dream Big"

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4 Ways Books Prove to be an Effective Parenting Tool

A father reading to his child

Becoming a parent is a joy to behold but it comes with an immense sense of responsibility and patience. It is easy to bring a child into the world but to shape their personality and beliefs is a huge challenge in itself, which is why parents tend to doubt and question their parenting styles. Studies confirm that a healthy sense of self is positively correlated with an autonomous and positive parenting style.

The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance strongly encourages the use of interesting storybooks as a means to shape children’s personalities and mindsets, during their formative years. The reason being that, between the age of 0 to 3, a child’s mind works like a clean slate. It is at that stage that parents can either make or break their personality. Due to that reason, scientists encourage parents to expose their children with good quality children’s storybooks.

Kids’ storybooks can work like magic wands for stressed out parents, who face a hard time working their way around the right parenting styles. Kids’ storybooks are filled with important and basic life lessons, skills and so much more. All of that can help to shape children in so many ways.

Create Emotional Bonds

Research based on understanding the personalities of juvenile crime offenders’ revealed a strong association between instances of juvenile crimes and child-parent attachment styles, suggesting that both of the variables are positively correlated.  It is imperative for parents to develop a healthy emotional bond with their children.

Taking out the time to read to and with your children helps foster healthy emotional bonds. Consider ordering online storybooks , family storybooks, or visit local bookstores with your child and let them pick their favorite story books or let them roam around the children’s story CD collection and pick what they want.

Development of Language

Studies have found strong connections between a child’s ability to acquire a language and reading. But the reading has to be free of any conscious constraints or pressure whatsoever. The parents who read monolingual and multilingual storybooks to their kids provide them language prompts to work with. As a result, they learn new words and sounds every day, leading to vocabulary expansion and learning of basic language functions.

A girl reading the alphabet

Food for Imagination

Kids are curious beings and there is no denying to that. They love to explore, ask questions and imagine all sorts of things they come across. Their brains are constantly working, processing and imagining. When it comes to a rich influx of imaginations, storybooks are our best friends. They transport you to faraway lands, teach you lessons without pain and make you wiser.

Tool for Inspiration

Whether you pick an online storybook or buy kids stories CDs online, you will learn. Well-rounded functional characters can teach your kids to differentiate right from wrong, or teach them how to be better and do better. In fact, studies on the role of fictional characters on children’s behavior confirm that characters play a huge role in shaping a child’s moral and social values.

Top Children’s Books Online

If you are a distressed parent and want to nourish your child’s imagination and shape them to become exemplary members of society, we suggest you start with the cat, the wish and the waiter, it’s a lovely and interesting children’s storybook translated into dozens of languages and easily available online.