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4 Common Language Learning Misconceptions

Different languages that people learn

Though many people are willing to learn a new language, they think they will never be able to because of certain inaccurate beliefs.

If any of the following misconceptions are holding you back from learning a language, you might want to reconsider.

Only Children can Learn a New Language

Though it’s incredibly beneficial to start learning a language early, adult language learners can also become native-like speakers of their target language. Recent studies indicate that many learners starting after 20 perform just as well as those beginning their learning as children.

English Speakers Don’t Need to Learn a New Language

English is the common language of international communications and businesses, especially among English-speaking countries. However, the idea that everyone speaks English is a misconception. Learning another language will offer you a unique set of skills that will boost your job opportunities and change your life in various areas of learning.

Language Learning is Difficult

Though learning a language is time-consuming and requires effort, some languages are a lot easier to learn than others. The learning depends entirely on two conditions – your level of commitment and your native language. According to linguistics, finding a language close to your native tongue makes learning easier.

Moreover, regular practice and being motivated are some factors that can propel you towards your language-learning goal.

You Need Proper Classroom Setting to Learn a New Language

Though classrooms may be economical to run and a place for socializing, they’re not suitable to learn a language. The more students there are in a class, the more inefficient the learning process gets. That’s because one can’t teach a language; it can only be learned.

Theoretical grammatical explanations are often hard to remember and understand. They’re also much more difficult to use. Regardless of the drills and exercises, most school kids are unable to communicate in languages that they study for ten or more years.

A child reading a book

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